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Brown Sugar Birth Services, LLC

Sweetening Your Journey. Every Step of the Way.

Reproductive health is delicate, essential, and complex to a woman’s general health and wellness. At varying stages across the lifespan, reproductive and sexual health affects our ability to create the lives of our dreams, from early adolescence to menopause. Brown Sugar Birth Services provides a premier, holistic, and culturally-tailored reproductive and sexual health experience for people who were assigned female at birth. We provide fertility and preconception education, childbirth education and advocacy, labor and postpartum doula services, placenta encapsulation, and in-home and virtual breastfeeding and chest-feeding to expecting and lactating families in the Atlanta area.

Our purpose is to be a constant resource to women and families in an effort to end disparities in breastfeeding and childbirth outcomes among African-American women by providing support, education, and love.



Nursing Newborn
Pregnant belly


“I am a first time mom so breastfeeding is new to me but I was determined to do so and not use formula unless I had to. The nurses at the hospital got me off to a decent start and then due to a few learning mishaps the supply I'd worked so hard to get seemed to have diminished overnight and I was freaking out and beating myself up..."

"Tea helped me to turn things ALL the way around, get my confidence up and my baby girl fed!!! We evaluated what I was doing and my baby and made plan that worked in getting my supply back up. She also further educated me on things regarding breastfeeding do's and don'ts as well as myths."

"I completely recommend Tea especially if you're a new mom and not fully knowledgeable as she breaks stuff down in an understanding way and has great follow-up to see how things are going showing her care and concern!”


"I have exciting news! I was able to relatch with Baby. M.  🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 I did it after giving him his bottle and right before he sleeps. 🥰 I am totally going to recommend you to people. Thank you soo much💕"


Mother and Daughter

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