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Our services help sweeten your reproductive and sexual health journey across the lifespan.

Preconception Education and Fertility

Preconception Education and Fertility
How well we manage our reproductive and sexual health in early life significantly impacts our childbearing years. Brown Sugar Birth Services is committed to being a constant resource for reproductive and preconception health for adolescent and young adult women. With abstinence at the core, we empower and educate our young ladies to remain in control of their reproductive health by providing culturally-tailored resources, workshops, and small groups.


Having a baby is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Whether you are experiencing issues with fertility, chronic conditions that have made conception difficult, have experienced the pain of pregnancy loss, or are interested in family planning, Brown Sugar Birth Services has a program for you. We provide a holistic approach to fertility and conception that is tailored to meet your needs.

Birth Services

Brown Sugar Birth Services offers assistance in child birth planning and advocacy to mothers in their 3rd trimester. We assist “The Village” in creating a customized birth plan for labor and delivery, while keeping the health and comfort of mother and baby at the forefront. With this service, you and your birth partner will learn how to be your own advocate in the birth setting.


We also offer Labor and Postpartum Doula services, focusing on the 4th trimester.

*Coming Soon* Placenta Encapsulation

Lactation Services

Brown Sugar Birth Services offers a range of lactation support services including:

  • Prenatal Lactation Consultations (Virtual/In-Home)

  • First Latch In-Home Lactation Support Visits

  • Navigating Breastfeeding Issues

  • Returning to Work

Latch NOIRE™ by Brown Sugar Birth Services

Brown Sugar Birth Services hosts monthly virtual small groups for breastfeeding support to nurture the mind and feed the soul. The Latch NOIRE TM series seeks to improve breastfeeding outcomes among black and brown women through empowering mothers and families to control their journey, assisting mothers and babies in navigating issues around their breastfeeding journey, and providing our clients with the resources and support they need to thrive.

The Change Support

As certain as we will live and die, our bodies will transition from ripe to mature. “The Change” is inevitable, but it does not have to be a terrible experience. Brown Sugar Birth Services is committed to helping you navigate this journey through holistic wellness.

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